Platforms that carry you

To the hearts of your


With an SMS, you can gain a foothold in the private circles of your targets.

With SMS Connect, you can send text messages and manage an address book, using a web-based interface.It allows you to send a simple text message to one or several contacts; to schedule a specific date and time for a text message to go out; to plan for repeated text messages; to manage an address book; programme services to be made accessible using PULL, and to send out standard text messages with specific fields to be filled out using the appropriate information from the contacts database.

Ecout sms


Maintain close contact with your targets

Piece sms


Make contact at a reduced cost

Accor cpay


Initiate impact generating marketing campaigns with a tool that enables you to reach each individual target directly, with a personal touch.

How do you

get closer to consumers ?

By providing a response that matches the business conditions in emerging countries.

Data, Uses, and Behaviour patterns

Digital Social Impact

Digital Ecosystem

Brand and service support

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