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A web and mobile based platform used for real time campaign monitoring (customers, campaigns, agents, number of contacts, time taken to administer the questionnaire, geo-localisation, etc.);for administering questionnaires directly through embedded applications on handheld devices (tablets, smartphones, telephones), and for storing all the information collected in databases, managing address books, etc.

Lap cmo

simple and
time saving

In just a few clicks you can design a questionnaire, enrol interviewers for the campaign, monitor the activities of your staff in the field, and obtain the results of your campaigns in real time. Save time and money!

Desktop esurvey


Enhance the impact of your services by ensuring that your targets are well defined, that you are able to track all activities, and that your customers enjoy more comprehensive, legible, and reliable reporting.

Cible sms

and differentiating

Set up a comprehensive database from which you can extract the required sample for a specific activity, define your target profiles, and contact them using the channel of your choice (mail, telephone, sms, etc.).

How do you

get closer to consumers ?

By providing a response that matches the business conditions in emerging countries.

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