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With c-pay, transcend the limitations
ofinexistent banking services!

Transcend the limitations ofinexistent banking services with C-Pay.C-Pay is an online payment service that allows anyone, even if they do not have a bank account, to make purchases on the Internet; to pay bills online or with a mobile phone, and to transfer money from one C-Pay account to another. All these operations may be done quite simply and with optimum security by text message from any telephone, from an IOS or Android application on a smartphone, or through a web-based interface from any computer connected to the Internet. Both deposits and withdrawals may be made through any money transfer operator (Western Union, Wari, Joni Joni, etc.)

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Increased sales, thanks to the added value and new services, as well as penetration of new market segments.

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No need for a bank account… anyone can use C-Pay.

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customer satisfaction

Enhanced customer relationship, thanks to the broad range of potential uses of the platform.

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By providing a response that matches the business conditions in emerging countries.

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