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With Airtime Marketing,
make a greater impact at less cost!!!

Airtime Marketing is an innovative, exclusive, and especially profitable marketing tool that enables brands and agencies to use the natural draw of mobile phone airtime to generate interest in a brand, product, or service. It marks a departure from conventional promotional offers and bridges the design gap in the way promotional campaigns are carried out.

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No logistics required; the system is automated and all operations are perfectly traceable, etc.

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Airtime is quite a significant gift and so your campaigns will undoubtedly have an impact. With the reporting tool, which monitors the campaign, you obtain a real and tangible return on investment.

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With this new, revolutionary tool, the costs of your marketing campaigns will go down considerably, thus reducing agency overheads while at the same time guaranteeing brand impact.

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get closer to consumers ?

By providing a response that matches the business conditions in emerging countries.

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