Amarante is a digital business accelerator specialising in technological tools and digital-based strategic support. Our main objective is to assist businesses in improving their performance. The experience and expertise acquired throughout Africa and in emerging countries enable the company to assist many prime brands in drawing closer to their consumers. Amarante is characterised by its research capacity, its technical skills, and its innovative spirit.



Business Issues Form the Core of our Profession
Amarante is more than a service provider. We do not just offer technological tools aimed at improving the performance of businesses; we provide them with solutions that deal with the real business concerns.Anticipating is a basic rule in digital services, and Amarante provides a range of cutting edge tools that meet the requirements of profitability, customer satisfaction, and diversification of the basic client offer.

Platforms That are 100% Usage Oriented
We are deeply convinced that digital services can facilitate life for consumers and that the value of any platform lies essentially in the number of its users. For this reason, while some of our platforms are aimed at meeting the requirements of profitability and creating added value, all of them are focused first and foremost on uses. Digital services have already experienced various phases, and after the content war, we are now waging the battle of uses.Creating new, high value-added generating uses is the aim of our team.

Moving Away from Comfort Zones
Amarante is not capable of resting on its laurels. We never take anything for granted; not our technology nor our skills, nor even the trust of our clients. With this approach, there are no comfort zones and we constantly question, strive for improvement, and seek to exceed our limits.

Amarante has a very precise picture of its objective. We know exactly how to reach it. We do not lose sight of this objective in our search for business. This is why we carefully choose both our clients and our partners.


The first thing that strikes you when you arrive on our premises at Amarante is the congenial atmosphere of welcome and comfort that draws you in and makes you want to belong. The atmosphere on our premises is very relaxed, and you will find our youthful team cheerfully going about their work, with a high level of professionalism, in an open space setting.

As we work in digital professions, Amarante encourages a spirit of innovation within its team and with its clients by pushing them to always reach for the best in order to exceed the limits of existing solutions. This is why in Amarante the basic question that comes up after each innovation is WHAT NEXT? We know that in the digital industry one must avoid treading the beaten track and the team at Amarante truly applies the THINK OUT OF THE BOX rule.

The principal value of a company is found in the degree of commitment of its various staff members. At Amarante, each and every individual behaves as if the fate of the whole company were in their hands alone.This unfailing commitment is also extended to our clients, whose satisfaction is our absolute priority.



Amarante is one of the companies in the EMY CAPITAL group, just like
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